From the Editor

We run this magazine especially for YOU our visitors. We would like to hear from you, your comments, and your anecdotes. Let us fill these pages with your ideas…you who escape the English rain to find a welcome here…

Merhabalar....Hello here we are again about to step out into the 2015 season. This is our third edition of The Beach... and we would like to hear from YOU this year... have a look at the FORUM PAGE. We need your feedback and welcome any articles. How about short pieces on what you enjoy most about Turkey or why you return so often to OLU? We need that... since all we do is just sit and watch the four seasons come and go at Olu.

In 2013 winter refused to arrive. The mountains lacked snow and the plains lacked rain. At first it was just embarassing and then it became worrying! Water reservoirs visibly empty and aquifers thirsty. Then suddenly during the last days of March... a downpour. The mountain slopes became white with snow and the valleys filled with puddles It rained the whole of April... Long grasses, moss and lichen were all on display... The forests rejoiced but Easter visitors were disappointed. Apparently one can take out a ‘holiday weather policy’ insuring money-back for each rainy day... It might be worth trying if just for a joke !
The heat came in May, and the grasses withered. The harvest was fated to fail....and fail it did. No head or beard on the stunted yellowed wheat. June brought strong winds... flattening whole fields of grain, till they became food for the scythe or fodder for the cattle. That covers the weather for last year but don’t worry about your next Pide! Turkey has neighbours to import from... and food products have only increased by 15% over the last year.

Lets see what 2015 will bring to Olu?
Long-range weather forecast.... mainly sunny!
Construction works... refreshingly little! A boutique hotel near the Belcekiz Beach (Maya Boutique) and a new concept in Hisaronu (the Deli) for light meals, fine teas and coffees... a place to meet your chums or read the newspapers.

The main sensation in Fethiye is ERASTA the shopping centre just near the coach terminal. You may ask what is so special about a shopping centre... nothing at all... but foreign ones are more appealing than the homemade brand. Have you been to the 19th century shopping mall in Milan? It is most fantastic as is the Open Bazaar in Istanbul. Our new Fethiye shopping centre is like neither of these but we do recommend a visit. It is modern, user-friendly and spacious; cool in summer, warm in winter. In the shopping area a variety of Turkish brands vie with foreign ones. There is an enclosed children’s play area, a cinema with foreign films and an open-air theatre. You can leasurely do all your shopping here including food. This does not mean that you should avoid the Fish Market, the Tuesday Market, or a 12 Island Boat trip... but the parking at Erasta is excellent! Anyone used to driving into Fethiye will know about the parking problem... even during winter. Luckily the major banks have branches on the outskirts of the town now.

Are you tuning in online to BBR? Maybe you have not yet? From 10 am most mornings ... Jodie your hostess is on air. I qualify this with a ‘most’ as one can never be sure about anything in Turkey till it happens! Either there is a power cut or the the dolmus is not working etc etc . Everyone who warms to Turkey will know that 2+2 is not always 4. We should expect the best but be prepared for acceptable excuses. When you meet someone who says: ‘I love Turkey’ you will know that this someone is adaptable.

Other general headlines from Turkey:
This year Turkey has a new President who was a Prime Minister.... as in ditto for Russia.
Despite the fact that our President decries Russia’s aide to separists of East Ukriane and support of Basar Esad, the two presidents are on really good terms.
President Putin is now planning a new Natural Gas Pipeline via Turkey to Europe, offering Turkey a well reduced rate for home consumption en route!
No, we do not have piped gas at Olu, so do not expect any reductions on your next holiday here. What we are saying is that when politics vie with commerce, the battle is easy...long live comsumerism!

And on this subject.... what about food ?
Buzz Bar Restaurant starts the season with a super new homemade garlic mayonnaise offered alongside seafood specialities and some new dishes ...still a secret.

Mozaik apartments is going Italian next season with a variety of Pasta dishes, Home- made burgers... and of course the new Mayonnaise with Garlic.
Lick your lips all mayonnaise fiends. Did you ever wonder where the sauce derived from? No not from Turkey you say! There is a choice of Menorca, France and Spain for 19th century claims, and even one British claim for a 16th century housewife who was trying to make a type of custard!
Logic would have it that it originates from an olive growing region. But then again according to a French culinary writer the surname of the London lady who mistakenly made the mayo 3 centuries earlier was Turcault... could that be a coincidence? Very unlikely. You can imagine this poor frustrated Mrs T. with no butter...trying to beat olive oil into her egg yokes!

‘We are more interested in hearing about the Oludeniz Beach,’ you may say.
Here are some Statistics:
Open beach = 3.5 km from East pebble to West pebble.
Sandbar = 900 metres or double if one counts its two sides.
Lagoon circumference = 3.5 km
Lagoon facilities: Buffet and restroom on the Sandbar. One hotel and 5 campsites on the inner stretch of the lagoon.
Some water sports but no motor-boats or similar allowed inside the lagoon 24/12

Best places to swim: for winter maybe the inside of the lagoon where water is always a couple of degrees warmer. For young children choose the sandbar where the outer side of which shelves down slowly and is more pleasant during the summer months.

Best places to snorkel:
Swimming across the mouth of the lagoon one reaches the rocky outlet where water tends not to be very clear, thus it is better to try the rocks on the eastern side of the beach, which provide sightings of many varieties of fish and also the Moray eel. Approximately 300 metres out past the rocks one reaches a sandy cove some ten metres wide. It is overhung by rocks and thus hidden from sight. Only good swimmers should make a trip there as there can be swell and current.

Visitor portal: during the season the lagoon and open beach welcome between 600 and 2500 per day!
You say ‘Can we find an empty beach?’
Well... not empty but surprisingly quiet .
2 km south from Oludeniz along the Faralya road. just prior to the Lykia World complex you reach a long pebbly stretch of beach backed by pine trees, this the Doga Ormanici Tesisleri... provides shower faclities, sunbeds and a small buffet. There is a minimal entrance fee. It closes for the winter whereas the Lagoon beach is open all year round.
A sandy beach....if you really need one head for Patara and you will experience 18 kilometres of fine sand... but just as smoke gets in one’s eyes, sand gets in one’s ears and the shingle of Olu is my choice!

I shall be updating you at the beginning of the season with some worthwhile gossip...till then please contact us via the FORUM