Oludeniz's one and only radio station - BBR

BBR broadcasting live from Oludeniz Beach.

The sounds of the beach - live from Oludeniz Beach...

Oludeniz Beach is more than a popular beach resort, it’s a way of life, shaped by its nature, its people and of course the laid back beach culture.

Oludeniz Beach is one of the best beaches in Europe and probaly the best one on the Turkish Coast.

There also is a webcam located next to BBR studio at Buzz Beach Bar - where you can catch the live performances of the radio Dj s and the party as its happening right there and then.

Broadcasting from BBR studio overlooking the beach, Buzz Beach Radio provides a live and on-line platform for the beatiful beach of Oludeniz and its surronding area.

Be it the day on the beach, or after beach party scene, BBR brings you all the latest tracks with chilled out music at day time and funky dance tunes in the evenings... There are occcasional podcasts with guest speakers and live interviews with the locals and the guets visiting the beach...

3 ways to listen to BBR:

- Online @ www.buzzbeachradio.com on your computer

- Download BBR App on your tablet or smart phone

- BBR Available on the App Store

- BBR Android App on Google Play

- BBR on Tunein